Under the shade of the forest, may the songbirds remind you of your roots.


Starozagorski bani

Located 15 km away from the city of Stara Zagora, on the slopes of Surnena Sredna Gora Mountains, lies a unique piece of serene natural beauty. 

The oaks, hazels, pines and hornbeams stand tall, their figures reflected in the clear waters of the lake, silently recounting a history that dates back nearly 5 000 years Before Christ. What attracted those first settlers, the thracians, to this mountain oasis were the hot mineral springs, which to this day can be enjoyed by their descendants.

The water originates from 1 600 meters below the surface with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Owning to its mineralization and presence of hydrocarbonate, calcium and magnesium ions, it possesses prophylactic healing properties, officially stated by the Bulgarian Ministry of Public Healthcare. When consumed, the water has a calming effect on the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system, decreases gastric secretion, increases glomerular filtration and stimulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. When bathed in at 33-35 degrees Celsius, it can benefit post-fracture patients, functional neurological disorders and some heavy metal intoxications

The venue

Calista Spa Hotel

The three congress days will be held at the Grand Conference Hall of Calista Spa Hotel.
With a capacity of up to 220 seats and good accoustics, it will offer our guests a pleasant theatre experience, as well as a view of the surrounding forest.

Hotels we recommend

Dorm BG - last remaining rooms

Dorm BG is a minimalistic venue built in 2022 which offers apartments with all modern amenities. It is pet-friendly, comfortable, easily accessible and located in a forested area in the city of Stara Zagora.
Price per room per night60-70.00 BGN

Calista Spa Hotel - FULL!

Spa Hotel Calista features a free of charge spa area with indoor mineral pool, saunas and a relaxation area, as well as free WiFi, finess centre and free private parking. A restaurant with a winery and bars are also at guests' disposal, while a tennis court can be used at a surcharge.
Price per room per night€65.00

Spa Hotel Armira - FULL!

Spa Hotel Armira offers guests a chance to relax with their indoor mineral pool, spa area, billiards game room and tennis court. An airport shuttle service, car rental, as well as ironing and laundry services are available at an additional cost.
Price per room per night€75.00

Hotel Izvor - FULL!

At Hotel Izvor guests can freely enjoy at their disposal an indoor swimming pool, steam bath, sauna and fitness centre. Great emphasis is placed on cuisine, which features both Bulgarian and other European dishes, with the opportunity for a barbecue in the garden. The ingredients are mainly provided by local producers and the hotel boasts with using meat from their very own Galloway and Aberdeen Angus cattle.
Price per room per night€45.00

Hotel Vereya

Hotel Vereya is located in the centre of Stara Zagora, in front of the city square and municipality building. It houses a fitness centre, two casinos and restaurant, which gurests can use freely, while  massages can be requested against a surcharge.
Price per room per night€65.00

Hotel Maritza Iztok - FULL!

Hotel Maritza Iztok offers guests an open mineral swimming pool, fitness centre, recovery centre, sauna, spa, tennis court and football field.

For reservations, please, contact Dr. Plamen Marutzov at  plamen.marutsov@trakia-uni.bg
Price per room per night€35.00

How can we get there?

The nearest airports are Krumovo Airport and Burgas Airport. Both have railway stations, from which you can arrive at Stara Zagora.
To Stara Zagora
You can reach the city via bus or train.
Check the train timetable here
To Starozagorski bani
Public transport from the city is available every day with a bus departing every hour on lines №9, 91, 92, 93, 94 and 96.